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Soil testing

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The farming cycle is difficult and the most important element of every farmer's production. At the beginning of the farming cycle, the complexity includes input materials, procedures, and objects. Kakud Agri Center is a provider of input materials such as seeds, pesticides, and fertilizer. We offer consultancy, soil testing, and mentorship with the goal of providing quality products and output at the end of the agricultural cycle.

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soil testing, kakud agri center

In the agricultural industry every aspect is crucial but one awareness step of farmers can simplify a few complexities.

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Our agricultural system has improved in terms of technology but not all farmers are aware about these systems.

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It is no secret that in order to be successful, one must be the wisest at selecting inputs and bases. Agri inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, and so on are the soul and foundation of the year's output in the agricultural area.

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