To empower farmers through co-operative farming.


Our Values

  • Strong union of farmers
  • Integrity within farmers
  • Respect & Trust
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Equal collaboration
  • Easy accessibility
  • Wright time


To provide affordable farming services and products along with digital connection.

Why Choose Us ?

Kakud Agri Center is one of the many early agritech firms to deliver creative solutions that make farmers' lives easier and more prosperous. With the professionals on our team, we plan and expect to uphold our pledge to produce appropriate results, excellent products, and reimbursement to our agricultural partners

100% satisfied farmers

We are providing inputs at right place,time,price

Highly skilled team

Technology Intervention

kakud agri cneter

Who We Are

Kakud agri center was founded in Jan 2021 with the sole purpose of solving problems that create an impact on agricultural products. Founder Patel Vinaykumar belongs from an agricultural background and understands the basic problems any farmer faces in day to day life. With the help of co-founder, Mr. Akshay and with the help of village childhood and college friends came up with a program model that eases the life of farmers in India.

After graduating from University of Agriculture Science, Raichur Karnataka in 2018, with a B.Tech Agricultural Engineering degree they executed their program model in Harapanahalli taluka of Vijaynagar district in Karntaka. By the year 2024, we aim to cover southern Karnataka and help farmers.

Meet Our Founder

Vinay founder, kakud agri center

Vinaykumar Patel

CEO & Founder

Akshay co-founder, kakud agri center


Co-founder & COO

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